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Posted - 06/22/2016 11:02am
New site
We just launched our new website. Please visit our blog to follow us on all the new things we are doing.

Category - General
Posted - 08/16/2012 10:28pm
Marriage of fire and steel.

Steel Geisha designs has a passion for molten metal.


It’s the oldest story in the world: boy meets girl, sparks fly, heat gives way to fire. Hot fire. More than two thousand degrees hot, in fact, fire hot enough to puddle steel. Be warned: this is a love story that might make your own feel tepid by comparison. But before surrendering to jealous despair, know that—for a fair price—you can have a piece of it, too. » Read More

By James Golway

She went to school dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. She gave up pins and scissors for an anvil and forge, while he became a lighting designer and part-time tattoo artist with an affinity for Asian art. Both grew up in Sonoma and went to the same high school but never met until the day the blacksmith with the raven hair and porcelain skin came asking for help from the lighting designer with a studious manner and a colorful tapestry of tattoos rippling down his muscular arms. » Read More